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Our performance update - September 2023

We share our latest performance and product stats, showing our members how we’re driving value to their businesses. 

For estate agents

New ways to target in-market buyers and send them to your website

You’ve told us that you want more options to target different audiences other than vendors – and that you want more control of where geographically your ads are shown, too.

That’s why we recently expanded Remarketing Solutions (previously known just as Audience Connect) to give you more ways to reach our highly engaged audience while they’re on other platforms, like Facebook and Instagram.

You can now access new audience segments – including first-time buyers, renters and investors – and target them based on their onsite behaviour and preferences.

And as well as fully customisable geo targeting, you can pick where you want to send your traffic, including to your website.

And because it’s sold on a cost-per-click basis, you can track ROI easily – more important than ever right now.

Encouraging in-market buyers to send a lead

Your customers know where they want to search. 66% of our search sessions are from returning users – and they’re more than twice as likely to send a lead when they’re returning to a search in the same area they’ve previously looked at.

So, we’ve made it easier for them to quickly jump back into a previous search and look up the same location on different pages across the site.

This alone has increased the number of returning sessions submitting applicant leads by 5%.

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Improvements to our app are increasing vendor conversions

We’re always trying to help your customers get to the outcomes you care about – like sending a valuation lead.

We know that our app users are serious about moving, so we’ve been creating more ways for them to book an agent valuation.

We’ve added a ‘Book a valuation’ button into a number of key journeys – and while it’s early days, this has already led to a 135% increase in visits to Valuation Boosters and an 82% increase to valuation leads from our app.

Make sure your agency shows up when these extra users are booking a valuation in app by activating Valuation Booster for all your target outcodes.

For housebuilders

New reporting to help you find the right buyers

Our market insight is showing us that people are moving further afield to find the right property at the right price point.

That’s why we’ve developed new reporting that enables our account managers to see where demand is coming from for different areas across the UK.

This can help you understand which areas you should target to reach interested buyers above and beyond the area local to your developments.

Reach out to your account manager for a consultation to get access to this data.

Helping you stay compliant with changing regulations

To comply with National Trading Standards regulations, we’ve removed the option to use Price on Application (POA) from all listings.

However, we’ve added the ability for new homes developers to list properties sooner with a new “Coming soon” price qualifier.

It’s easy to add it to your listings – and you can find a general guide to adding prices to listings in our Help Centre.

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